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Traditional vs Progressive Schools

Do you have kids who need to take the exam to big school this year? You guys might want to read this first... I attended a talk by Didi Manahan, a professor at the Ateneo and the directress of Explorations Preschool and Keys Gradeschool about traditional and progressive schools. I think it is important to realize that progressive schools are present nowadays because there is more and more proof that people learn differently. And just because one doesn't go to a traditional school, it doesn't mean that he/she is "intellectually challenged". As a quick overview, these are the basic differences between a traditional and a progressive school.


You might be thinking that, hey, progressive doesn't seem so strange after all. In fact, if you've visited the school that our son went to, and listen to their philosophy, you will definitely think it makes MORE sense to send your child to a progressive school! What with 40 children per class in a traditional school??? How will your kid learn at all?
One thing that really draws me to a progressive curriculum is that the concepts are investigated upon. The kids aren't made to swallow things "just because". I think that that's what is needed now--to teach kids how to be critical thinkers.
However, for those who are not convinced, here is the list of pros for traditional schools.

Something to think about, parents. PS--and if you're wondering about us, well, Paul's going to his dad's school. =p We'll see how he fares. His dad promised me we'd assess and discuss this after Grade 1 or 2. We'll see...abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

March 10, 2009 UPDATE! Please consider using our School Reviews feature to leave and / or look for opinions on schools. Thank you!! - admin

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de la salle araneta

carol sia's picture

Is de lasalle araneta university a progressive school for high school?

afaik, all schools run by la

ehna's picture

afaik, all schools run by la salle are traditional catholic school

Progressive schools for grade 7

carol sia's picture

Are there any good progressive school for grade 7 in scout area or quezon city area? we live in malabon and qc area would be best. Thank you.


joeadd's picture

Try Great Christian Academy in sun valley drive, brgy sun valley, paranaque city.
They offer student-centered approach through their accelerated christian education program. This school focuses on values, communication skills as well as good academic teaching on major subjects for their students.

Progressive school

Gemini's picture

Hi, just like to ask if can recommend progressive school for grade 1 in south caloocan.. Near 5th avenue grace park..thanks

Camelean Academy BF Homes

Teacher-mommy Denise's picture

Hi mommies! It's a first for me to ever participate in a blog/mom exchange group so welcome to me and nice to meet you all ;p im a soon to be preschooler mom too so im oretty excited about it!

Please do vsit us at Camelean Academy BF Intl Las Pinas. We offer a healthy mix of progressive and tradtl approaches. We love making learning irresistable to kids BUT never forget that reality means prepping them for the big school. Our graduates typically go to OB Montessori, Zobel, Manresa, San Beda or find similar schools like Camelean which has a small, intimate environment. Parents always send us their child's report cards and certificates of recognition even when they are in these big schools. It's really a blessing.

Soon we will be installing a camera system that allows parents to view their children at certain times of the class in real time. That means parents who are overseas get to view their child from where they are. We are excited about this and unless our current set of parents think otherwise, we are doing this beginning June :)

Looking forward to getting many ideas and feedbacks from everyone!

Preschoools in Antipolo or Taytay Rizal

PaoloJose's picture

Any tips on preschools in Antipolo or Taytay or Tikling Rizal? We are moving to Highlande Pointe and need to look for a preschool for our toddler. Thanks.

Pre-schools in TayTay Rizal

sexy_mommy's picture

San Beda College Taytay Rizal

progressive schools near san mateo, could be in qc or marikina

Mamhay's picture

Hi, we live in San Mateo and we are looking for progressive schools near our area, could be in Marikina or QC ares. What schools would you recommend mommies? WALDORF, we can't afford. Is Marist School in Marikina a progressive Catholic School? THANKS.

Progressive school in las pinas

Mommyche's picture


Help! Does anyone know any progressive school in las pinas or muntinlupa/alabang? We just moved here from the US and I don't want my daughter to be overwhelm with traditional school (even though I, myself graduated from one of the best traditional schools in QC). She'll be in 7th grade this coming school year.

Progressive scholl near in Novaliches,Caloocan City

Mommy Tina's picture

Hello, anyone who could suggest progressive school near in novaliches, caloocan city? Thanks in advance for the prompt reply =)

Hi mommies! I'll ask lang if

Emma's picture

Hi mommies!
I'll ask lang if miriam college education is good? Is the high tuition fee worth it?
I know that MC students is rich and englishera that's why maraming conyo.
But i wanted to try it for my 2nd yr daughter. Please help

i believe that they are a

Betsy's picture

i believe that they are a good school and progressive one even if its not thw school i chose for my kids

I am new here

kilepaime's picture

Hey i am new here but i think he is right.

Progressive pre-school in cavite

Chris's picture

Hi we are moving to cavite, particularly in lancaster. Is st. Edwards a traditional or offers progressive pre school... any suggestion of Progressive Pre-school in cavite? thanks... :)

Hi Chris, were moving to

Sophia's picture

Hi Chris, were moving to lancaster too. Just wanted to ask if you were able to find a progressive school for your kid. Same here, were looking for progressive school for my 8yrs old son. Tnx

progressive schools in the las pinas/alabang area

poteet's picture

hello, can you recommend any in the specified area? thank you.

Progressive Schools

Mommy of 2's picture

My daughter studied in STC in D. Tuazon from Prep to Grade 2. Her grades were very low. They were 79, 78, 80, 81, and 82 in her report cards.Her highest grades was 85. I talked to the teachers and they said she was average and most students had grades like her. I was very upset and concerned. My daughter's self-esteem was very low. She kept studying but her grades were never high enough. I didn't want her to get used to those grades and think that she can't get higher. I brought her to SLMC to see a neurodevelopmental specialist for pedia and the doctor suggested I put her in a progressive school which had fewer studenst even though there was no organic problem with her. In STC, they were 50 students in the class. She would wake up at 4:30 am because the bus would pick her up at 5:30am. She would then go home in the afternoon at about 5:30pm. She was so tired and she had like 10 pages of homework. She started having hyperacidity and I just didn't think it was right to put my 8 year-old child under that kind of stress. She would cry often and pretend she was sick every Monday. During the week, the nurse would call me to inform me that she had fainted during flag ceremony or had thrown up. She clearly didn't enjoy school. I talked to one of the Science teachers and she was very proud when she told me that the exams she gives were very difficult. She said that she teaches advanced topics made for High School students. It made me think about TEACHER BULLYING and I took her out of the school asap. I'm sure many parents like it there because the tuition fee is about 40K plus and it is already established compared to the new schools that are just starting to be accepted. When I got my daughter out, I was so relieved despite the 80k pesos tuition fee. I transferred her to John Dewey School for Children in Congressional Avenue and I've been happy since. On the first day, my daughter told me that she likes her teacher. When asked why, she said that when she talks, her teacher listens unlike her previous school were children were always told to keep quiet. She can express herself better now. She joined many plays and got lots of awards. It's a big difference from a school were only the "Outstanding" students are asked to participate. She is learning Mandarin and Singapore Math. They are only 12 students in class. She is enjoying every minute of it. She wakes up about 6:30am now because class starts at 8am. Her textbooks look like magazines. The quality is very good. They were published in Singapore. My daughter reads them everyday even when there are no assignments. The lessons progress when the child is ready. My daughter doesn't want to ever be absent anymore. I studied in a Montessori school during my High School years and it doesn't compare to progressive schools were learning is fun and interesting. I think progressive schools are the way to go now. I hope this helps others.


John's Mom's picture

Can you please let me know names of progressive HIGH schools in Metro Manila in particular Paranaque or Quezon City? And if possible an idea of the tuition fee.


progressive school for MGS

Ana N.'s picture

Hi! My son is starting middle grade school (gr.3) in SBCA, and he is not liking it. He has been crying everyday. He wasn't like this in gr. 1&2. I am thinking of transfering him next year to a progressive school. We live here in Paranaque. Can anybody suggest a good progressive school here in Paranaque area? Thanks.

Hi Ana, Did u able to know a

Mariecar's picture

Hi Ana,
Did u able to know a good progressive school in alabang/Muntinlupa area? My 2sons are studying in sbca also but my youngest- that's grade2 currently needs more guidance so I planned to check out a progressive school for him. If you happened to know one that's good in my area please let me know.


progressive school for MGS

Ana N.'s picture

Hi! My son is starting middle grade school (gr.3) in SBCA, and he is not liking it. He has been crying everyday. He wasn't like this in gr. 1&2. I am thinking of transfering him next year to a progressive school. We live here in Paranaque. Can anybody suggest a good progressive school here in Paranaque area? Thanks.

Hi Ana N. I brought my son &

Maritoni 's picture

Hi Ana N. I brought my son & 2 nephews to a Catholic Progressive school. Katrina Solano Institute of Learning,is located at 97 Elizalde St., BF Homes, Pque.They have an excellent Progressive curriculum & teachers in preschool which is headed by the best teacher/directress my son & nephews ever had- Teacher Jackie. T Jackie is a graduate of UP & DLSU & trains out of the country. She is a very patient, kind &nurturing teacher. The school has a small student-teacher ratio,15 students :1 teacher & 1 asst. teacher per class.At first I had misgiving about a Progressive school because it was something new to me since I went to a traditional school myself.My son & nephews learned to be critical thinkers because they were allowed to speak their mind, explore, invent, experiment, write stories, act in plays, cook, read, write. The bonus part was, the boys learned to speak English (they were Tagalog speakers at home) & even better, the boys learned to be polite, courteous, patient with each other & learned to share. We like the atmosphere of the school as a whole & they have very good facilities which we did not find in the schools we visited while scouting for a preschool. Our boys enjoyed going to school everyday & are dismayed whenever classes are suspended. It was very hard for the boys & my family when we said goodbye on moving up day & we moms (my sisters & myself & grandma too) cried a river, biglang kami yung nagkaroon ng separation anxiety. We are very grateful to the school & it's management for treating us like family for 3 years & for preparing our boys well for grade school & beyond.=)

Katrina Solano Institute of Learning

Meg's picture

Hi Maritoni!

Can you tell me more about Katrina Solano Institute of Learning? So far, your post is the only feedback I have seen in the internet.

I called the school up and the lady mentioned that aside from the tuition fee, we will also be shelling out a minimal amount for the crayons and other materials. I was surpised since for the price, I would have expected that the materials will already be included.

How was your experience with them? I am really interested =)


progressive school in paranaque

blessedmom's picture

For those mommies looking for a good progressive school in paranaque, there's CLP in Merville. They offer pre-school to high school. My children attended this school and it is really good. Their curriculum is literature-based. They accept limited number of student per class so the teacher can really know the child's strengths and weaknesses and can then help accordingly. If you want to check it out, their number is 8288380/09178216963

Hello! What does CLP stand

Ana N.'s picture

Hello! What does CLP stand for? Thanks.

good school in muntinlupa alabang area

kamil's picture

hi mommies, just wanna ask some school that would you recommend to me besides toddlers unlimited in muntinlupa alabang area. my daughter is turning 3 on july and quiet delay on her speech.she can't speak directly but she understand well naman. i kept teaching her but i think i need also help. thank you!

Try The Bridge School (Cairo

Anonymous88's picture

Try The Bridge School (Cairo Street, BF Northwest, BF Homes, Paranaque). Hands down the best preparatory school in the south. They have a great curriculum (progressive; super kids started reading when they were 2!; well-rounded....they have sports!) and the best teachers. They instill in kids the love for books and are very particular about socialization and behaviour mod. I have seen very shy kids bloom in this school! The highlight of the year is the Christmas kids learned to perform on stage at a very early age.

If you plan to move your kids to big school for grade school, The Bridge School graduates usually get the highest marks in the entrance tests.

Tuition fees are about 70k

Anonymous88's picture

Tuition fees are about 70k up, depending on the level.....the education your child will be getting will be well worth the price.

They have summer programs as well. Send your kids muna for the summer and see how it goes :) Thats what i did with my kids.....come june no more separation anxiety for them! :)

I would highly suggest South

Hyacinth's picture

I would highly suggest South Mansfield College--- a branch of Southville International School. My daughter studied there from prep to grade3, they have progressive method and they will really encourage kids to be thinkers and participate, she could've been studying there still until we transferred to Laguna... and now we're so looking out for a good school. So far we tried Colegio San Agustin Binan, but were not liking it that much.

to kamil

Anonymous1's picture

hi kamil! i am not going to recommend any schools in muntinlupa but it seems your child needs further testing with a medical practitioner for assessment of her speech delay and her developmental milestones all together. i think a pediatrician will help her best as of the moment before you enroll her to any daycare centers or introduce formal schooling. :)

list of school in Fairview Quezon City

lenieteruel's picture


Wanna ask anyone recommended school for my 3yr old and how much is the tuition fee. I'm interested too to enroll him in summer class. any recommendation.


hi. if you're looking for a

mom an's picture

hi. if you're looking for a progressive school in Fairview, there's the growing place at west fairview, precious gems and another home to grow at adrian st north fairview. hope this helps.

progressive school in quezon city

kate's picture

my son is turning 4 next year and im planning to enroll him in a progressive school!we live around mindanao avenue and id like to ask if what progressive school is nearby?i heard raya and nest are good school.

Progressive school

Mommy-v's picture

Hi I'm looking for a progressive school where I can transfer my 6yo nx school year. Any recommendation near katipunan, marikina or Santolan pasig area?.

any idea how much is the tuition fee in britespark international school?

Appreciate any feedback.. Thanks

sino may alam sa tuition fee

Neve's picture

sino may alam sa tuition fee ng OBMC-Greenhills, Casa?

hi, i inquired in georgia

mommy jan's picture

hi, i inquired in georgia international school jst now and i think it's ok. my son wil be 6 yrs old nxt yr and teacher nan said he can be accepted in prep. tuition fee is 38500. teaching is progressive.

i need to have feedback about d school though. it's my first time to inquire in an international school and i must admit, georgia's tuition fee for prep is quite cheap compared to other international schools.

i hope you can help me :)

Progressive School - Pail and Shovel

marose86's picture

Hi mga sis! Just want to share my school visit earlier. One of my top school right now is Pail and Shovel Integrated School. I just visited this morning and the teachers are very warm. What I also like about it is that they really follow the student-teacher ratio (max. 15 students lang and 3 teachers for the preschool and ganun din sa Grade school, 15 kids only then 1 adviser and subject teachers). Individualized din un curriculum nila and I guess my 7 y.o. son and 4 y.o. daughter will be enjoying the school since the place is very child-friendly. I also love the way they handle parents, very accommodating :) May family-atmosphere talaga. I was also able to see their school programs thru the video presented to me. I am so excited to see my children on stage confidently dancing, singing and even hosting :)

My son is 4 years old and I'm

ruth's picture

My son is 4 years old and I'm thinking of enrolling him to a progressive school in Paranaque. Can anyone please help me...How much is the tuition fee?Thanks.

Little Archers

JRODULIO's picture


We'd like to invite you to check out our school, the Little Archers Learning Center. We're in Multinational Village in Parañaque and in SM-MOA in Pasay. Our tuition fees are in the 60's range for both centers.


T. Noni

Hi! Does any one here has an

mommyjenny's picture

Hi! Does any one here has an idea how good Multiple Intelligence is? Is it worth the price? I know it's a bit pricey... Thanks a bunch!

mother goose playskool

mybebebear's picture

Does anybody have any feedback regarding this school? Im scouting a school for my 4yo kid. hes currently in kinder 1. we live in cainta, so nearby schools lang cainta pasig area.. or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. please message me thanks!

sis my friend lived in

Mommy Dolly's picture

sis my friend lived in Victoria Place, Pasig and her kids goes to Creative Space for the pre-schoolers and Woodstock for her grade 1 child. Both are progressive schools, give it a visit!

Traditonal vs. progressive

glenzy's picture

hi..i'm a mom with two kids.i.5 and 2. I would like to enroll my son to a progressive school here in caloocan west near 10th ave. I visited Center for Child Well-Being in P.Zamora St. They said they use non-tradional,developmental approach. They even integrate Enopi Math Reading ang Singapore Math in their class. Any feedback from this school.....tuition fee is around 45K. Thanks

Hatch Learning Circle

Hatch Learning Circle's picture

Hi mommy! You might be interested in having a trial class with us! We're in Unit 407 West City Plaza. We accept kids from 0-3years of age. Our programme is also geared towards Progressive. You can give us a call anytime at 861-4404 so we can fully discuss our well rounded program with you! Good eve :)

progressive traditional Montessori Waldorf

elan2010's picture

Thanks for this very interesting site.
We should really rethink the fundamental principles on which we're educating our children. I had sent my 2 children to four different schools and had always been frustrated at how traditional schools teach different concepts to children. Oftentimes I would improvise materials for my daughter to understand her lessons in school especially in Mathematics. Sometimes I even think of homeschooling her. I wish we live in Metro Manila. It looks like there are more choices out there.
Recently I've been reading books written by Dr. Maria Montessori. She wrote those books almost a century ago but her works can still be applied in the present era. These progressive schools you're talking about are somewhat very similar to her Montessori school. I hope parents get the chance to read about her too. The other important figure in childhood education is Rudolf Steiner(Waldorf School).

By the way, would you categorize Montessori (authentic ones) and Waldorf schools as progressive?

do progressive schools prepare kids for big schools?

bheck's picture

Hi moms!
Please bear with me as I am just a beginner.
I am considering enrolling my son to a learning center (Cradle to Crayons Learning Center). Is this considered a progressive school? Their curriculum is pretty much not the traditional one. I am interested to know if such schools would prepare kids to enroll to big schools like Ateneo. Thanks!

Cradle to Crayons Learning Center

Michelle's picture

Cradle to Crayons? If this is the one in Marcelo Green...GO FOR IT!!! Ciara is heading over to La Salle Zobel now for Sr. Prep...previously, she was at CTCLC for Jr. Prep. I wish I had found this school earlier. I can't thank them enough for the attention that they gave our daughter. Ciara's skills, cognitive, social, physical, emotional....all grew by leaps and bounds! Big school test? No prob. Teacher Jill worked with us to get her ready. And yes, it is a progressive school...and very individualized. You won't regret enrolling your child there.

hi... that was my concern

mae's picture

hi... that was my concern before too. then i found a school in Katipunan (Casa de Bambini). It's a traditional school but with progressive approach. I enrolled my son two years ago for Kindergarten and passed the exam in La Salle for Grade 1. He'll be in Grade 2 this coming school year.. still in LSGH.

any progressive school near SM Fairview 7-yr old son changes school every year for the past 4 years. i was looking for 'something' in a school and just soooo tired i may find it until i stumbled on this site, thanks to mom exchange.
would appreciate very much if you could possibly refer to me any progressive schools near SM Fairview.
super thanks!!!

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