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Pregnancy Update

22 weeks


I'm almost afraid to say it in case I jinx it, but this has been a very, very easy pregnancy.

The biggest issue I've had so far has been my low-lying placenta, but with my last ultrasound two weeks ago, I breathed a sigh of relief to see that my placenta had safely traveled upwards. Thank goodness!

Sure my back is sore by 6pm every evening, and flossing every night is an anxiety ridden experience because my gums might bleed, (and my neck is starting to get dark!!) but apparently these are normal pregnancy symptoms and nothing to be alarmed over. And just to prove how considerate this baby is, all of my pregnancy symptoms arrive when Baby Center says they should, save for the morning sickness, which I totally skipped.

23 weeks


I have a tendency to obsess over a lot of things, but strangely enough, I'm very relaxed with this pregnancy. I didn't even buy "What to Expect When You're Expecting", even if almost every single one of my mommy friends recommended it, because I find that I'm happy with the weekly updates from Baby Center and could readily consult my mom or Dr. Google in case I have a question. Besides, I was put off with some of the reviews that What to Expect got from Amazon. How it promotes fear and paranoia by listing down EVERY SINGLE possible thing that could go wrong with the pregnancy, no matter how remote the possibility might be. Fear mongering is such a turn-off.

Anyway, one exciting thing that happened just two days ago was when my hubby finally felt Bean move inside my belly. For the last two weeks, I would grab my hubby's hand every time I felt Bean move, but he could never feel it. Then while we were watching Les Miz, Bean was doing his usual acrobatics so I placed my hubby's hand on my belly and he finally felt it :) I will always remember Les Miz because of that moment :)

Just 16 more weeks or so until we get our summer baby :)

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