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Cynos Morocco Argan Oil: For a Stretch-Mark Free Tummy

*Disclosure: Item provided by brand for review purposes.

**Cross-posted from Kikay Exchange.

I received a bottle of Morocco Argan Oil** as part of the swag when I attended the Cynos launch last year.

The press release touted Morocco Argan Oil as a wonder and multi-tasking product that can be used to moisturize dry and brittle hair, a nightly facial moisturizer and as a body oil. But what really impressed me about it was how it kept my preggy belly free of evil stretch marks.

I'm not sure if it's genetic or just my usual bad skin, but even when I was at my skinniest state (5'3" tall and 85-90 lbs) I suddenly developed stretch marks on the sides of my bum. White streaks appeared seemingly overnight and forever marred my silky smooth bum, thereby erasing any ambition I might have had at becoming a Victoria's Secret angel... (walang kokontra!).

Because of that, I became anal about minimizing stretch marks as much as possible on my growing belly and tried out the popular Palmer's Cocoa Butter first, which I sadly found noxious and gag-inducing. Then since my sister raved about argan oil and because I happened to have a bottle within reach, I tried it out as well and have loved it ever since.

I find the warm, musky scent so pleasang and relaxing. I rub about 5-6 pumps of argan oil on my belly just before going to sleep and it's the perfect way to usher in a good night's rest. The oil itself is thick and viscuous but it spreads very easily on skin and doesn't leave a sticky or heavy feel once it is absorbed.

I'm now 6.5 months pregnant and my belly is still stretch marks free! Yay!

The upper part of my outer thighs are another thing altogether though. Because I concentrated all my efforts on my belly and neglected other parts of my growing anatomy, the insiduous stretch marks formed elsewhere. So now I include my bum and outer thighs as well in my nightly argan oil ritual and thankfully the stretch marks have lightened.

Really, Morocco Argan Oil is the shiznit and while some may balk at the SRP of Php1,200, I think for 6 months of generous nightly use, it's well-worth the price. The sole drawback I can find about it, and with Cynos products in general, is that it's only available in select salons. The last time I got in touch with my PR contact, she informed me that Cynos products were available in these salons: Studio Fix Salon, Salon G2, Louis Philip Kee, Tinette & Co. Salon and Juro Salon.

So to the other preggos out there, or if you're simply prone to stretchmarks as well, get your hands on this liquid gold and I'm crossing my fingers that it will work just as well for you as it did for me.


*For more information on Morocco Argan Oil or other Cynos products, please check out their Facebook page.

**Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethicone Cyclomethicone Spinoza Kernel Oil (argan oil), Linseed (linum Usitatissimum) Perfum, D&C yellow-11, D&C Red-17.

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Jovell's picture

Thanks for reviewing this product sis! I'll be checking their FB page. I'm hoping this can still help with stretchmarks (I have very light ones but still who doesn't want a smooth tummy right?!) even if I'm not preggy anymore.

You're welcome! I hope it

Jillsabs's picture

You're welcome! I hope it also works for you :)

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