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Diliman Preparatory School, Inc. - Main
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Commonwealth Ave.
Matandang Balara
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Anna Dominque M.L. Coseteng
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DPS Momma's picture

When my son turned 6, we decided to transfer him to one of Diliman Prep's two branches. [Secret na lang kung anong branch :-)] He was 1st  Honors in his former preschool (inside our community)and a recipient of 4 academic awards including BEST IN SCIENCE; but, in  Diliman Prep, he got 77 ( his first) both in Science and Filipino! 
It turned out that Diliman Prep's exams were indeed very comprehensive, way advanced than their grade level! I can attest to that. But slowly, my son started to adjust very well to DPS' standard and eventually became a part of the Honor Roll.
The only thing lacking I think is DPS' offering of FREE TRAININGS to potential school reps in various inter-school competitions, just like MTAP. DPS doesn't offer regular MTAP/MTG Trainings unlike other Quezon City schools, which might explain why DPS fails to win in MTAP or MTG Competitions.
Since Math is my son's forte, we're actually thinking of transferring him to another school with a more structured and advanced Math Program. Although we're gonna miss the swimming lessons which are included in the tuition, well, can always enroll him in a separate swimming class, right?
If only DPS prioritizes its Math Program as much as it embraces its Taekwondo, Robotics and Space Science Programs, then more DPS students will surely emerge as winning mathletes.
Sadly, this is not the case.

MominQC's picture

I higghly recommend this school, not just with it's conducive learninf environment but for its competitiveness in the field of Academics. My son is currently a 4th year student (having to start from grade 5) and is one of the Top students in Class. He learns a lot from the extra curricular subjects such as robotics and everything is just perfect. The pool is also a nice touch to the campus.
If there are problems with your child and the schedule, The admin is kind enough to work it out. If you feel like your kids are pressured because of their class schedules then that means your child isn't fit for it. it isn't the school's fault but the DEPeD's. I have no qualms in enrolling my child here, This school is at par with the other prestigious schools in Quezon City.

Mabskies's picture

I am a parent of 2 DPS students. One in grade school and another one in HS. I just transferred my daughter here at DPS. She is already on her 2nd year at DPS. She came from one of the prestigious Catholic School in QC. She was one of the top students in that school and I thought that it will not be hard for her to adjust to DPS. I can't believed that she had a hard time coping with the lessons. She was struggling in almost all subjects that I even had to enroll her in Kumon class. The lessons in DPS are too advanced, that is even the reason why they don't need to add Gr.7. Children who are as young as pre-school are exposed to Robotics classes. Grade schoolers are even offered French classes (with add'l fee). DPS is serious in empowering their students. They teach their students how to be more confident and smarter. They nurture their skills and continue to help kids discover their strengths and capabilities. My only regret here is that, I should have enrolled my daughter earlier in DPS (just like her brother). I wasted her 5 years (3yrs in pre-school and 2 yrs in Grade School) in that school. Now, I know that when my kids finally leaves DPS for College, they are ready to face the world --MORE CONFIDENT AND MUCH SMARTER!

If you are looking for a conventional way of learning, THEN GO AHEAD TRANSFER YOUR KIDS! DPS is not for you. DPS is an unconventional school, not your typical school where kids are given the answers to each problem. DPS teaches their students to find out why the answer is the answer. They let their students "THINK" and "DISCOVER" the world.

Go DPS! Go Dilimanians!

concern-mommy's picture

I thought Diliman Prep. school was a very good school. because of what i heard before about them. so i tried it. my son is studying there at this moment. and I'm really planning to transfer him after this school year. i regret now that i send him there. the schedule for grade school are really worst whole day class for grade school. i find out that they don't even provide hand soap for student. yeah! they have complete facilities but they can't provide hand soap and paper tissues. they don't have enough teachers assistant. so most of the time my son go home with incomplete assignments. and most of their school curricular activities is useless we don't see any improvement with my child.we just keep on paying and paying and nothing happen.

Chai Chai's picture

I am an alumna of DPS, and as far as I know, never in my school life I had an assistant teacher. We practiced independence in that school and did our homework on our own. Are you looking for a childcare center? well DPS is not for you. In DPS, the child is nurtured in a holistic way. I am proud of my school and well deserved to be called class A school among others.

Handsonmom's picture

Sobra ang pressure sa gradeschool. Hnd na nag eenjoy mga kids. Grabe tlga ang pressure. Ayoko na tlga sa diliman grabe!!!

Handsonmom's picture

Grabe tlga ang sched ng gradeschool sa diliman. Grade 1 ngayon don ang son ko. Nakakaawa ang mga kids, maghapon sa school. Lalo na pag may homework sila, Wala na silang energy para gawin. Torture tlga!!! I'm planning too na itransfer sya next school year. Ok kya sa claret school of quezon city?

thelynx's picture

My son has been in Claret from Grade 1. He is now in Grade 7. I can honestly say that I am happy with how Claret has molded him "wholly". They do balance their academics with their co-curricular activities. And my son has always enjoyed going to school. One thing that truly pleases me is my son has Christian values. I see that he is different in a 'religious' way from his other boy cousins from other schools. Though, as moms, we still have to check regularly with our children's progress in class activities. All of my son's class advisers have been generally supportive, approachable and can really be 'second moms' in school.

anne's picture

how much is the tuition fees in pre - school and grade school...can u give me some info? thank u so much.

DPS Momma's picture


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