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Immaculate Conception Academy

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Immaculate Conception Academy

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10 Grant St.


Greenhills West

School Head: 

Sr. Dina Ang. MIC


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  Honestly,  Don't believe it

Cheryll's picture

  Honestly,  Don't believe it when they say that discipline in ICA is well taught to their students. I used to be a student there but my parents transferred me to St. Jude because of the things that happened to me in that school. To the comment above that says bullying doesn't happen in ICA, you're so wrong. Bullying is very much common inside especially if your kid doesn't use the latest apple gadget or if your kid hasn't gone abroad yet. The teaching method is also so old school. They don't encourage exchange of ideas between student and teachers. And more often than not, they value grades more than the values formation of the students. I know that not enrolling my child is a waste but I also believe that learning isn't all about being in a sosyal school because there are students who came from provincial schools but still get top notch scores in board exams and the like. Learning is a continuous process and enrolling a child in a lesser known school does not mean failure in the future. It actually means that your child can embrace many cultures, rich or poor and still be her best self in the end. :)

I'm an ICAn right now, I am

Anonymous Student's picture

I'm an ICAn right now, I am considering transferring to Xavier Nuvali. I am wondering which school would get me into a better college, ICA or Xavier? I am planning to study abroad, since that is what both My parents and I want. I know ICA will definitely encourage me to be smarter and ready for the big world, but is Xavier better? I have some friends from Xavier, and many make me doubt it. Does Xavier make students get into the top colleges? I know ICA is where I should go, but I'm moving and Xavier Nuvali is nearer? Should I just go to ICA because it will give me a better chance?

I studied in ica back when I

Danz's picture

I studied in ica back when I was in grade school. I was an average student. I had to transfer to another chinese school because my parents didnt think we could afford it any more. We werent rich and I was a "loser back then because I could afford the same things my classmates had. Yes, they are "material girls". I also remember having batchmates that meet Xavierians at the church across during dismissal back then. we were grade 6-7 then. (12y/o). After transerring to another school I had to take a summer class on pin yin because ICA teaches Guo yin (which is hardly used nowadays) the school offers poor chinese. I hardly learned to converse. It was in my new school when I learned to converse in Fookien and Mandarin. 
The good side about ICA though is that they have good facilities. They also offer speech classes and hone your english skills pretty well. 
I know a couple of kids studying there now; and they act like spoiled princesses. Im not sure if its because they get what they want most of the time or maybe they have issues at home. No matter how expensive a school's tuition fee costs. Its still important to be hands on with the kids.

God damn it people! Just tell

Ugvubgubhihubyibui's picture

God damn it people! Just tell me how much the tuition fee of ica is! I scrolled up and down thrice yet I can't find a post about the tuition fee

Mom Exchange is not the

gary's picture

Mom Exchange is not the website of this school. Contact the school directly. We do not have any other contact information other than that provided above.

Actually i studied in Xavier,

Jace's picture

Actually i studied in Xavier, Filipino-Chinese, eventually Married a Filipina, i wanted my child to learn more chinese to make up for marrying a filipina and hiring a filipina Yaya :) ICA wasn't my first choice because 1. i assumed that it's similar to Xavier's chinese, which was not bad, but.. just not enough. 2. having the impression that Xavierians on the negative side are mostly are Endless Pormahan, too much Testosterone, Sex Maniacs . So I assumed that Icans are Endless Pormahan, Maaarte, Malandi...

This is why i sent my child to St. Jude, she grade 3 now and I really hate their Thurs no classes and Saturday whole day classes and dismissal time is 4:15pm. takes so much quality time away from me since i work Mon to Fri.

That's why I'm trying to check if i should consider transferring my child to ICA.

Any suggestions or info will be greatly appreciated.

Do not. Sj is the best. I was

kingsjack's picture

Do not. Sj is the best. I was a judenite n my kid is studying in ica now. If there is only a way to transfer her to sjcs i would.

i just want to ask how much

13's picture

i just want to ask how much is the tuition fee in ICA?

My daughter's been in ICA

MCAng's picture

My daughter's been in ICA since prep (she's incoming grade 2 now). ICA isn't really my first choice though my husband and in-laws prefer ICA. I personally agree with those who have written that the school has outdated curriculum and weird school policies, based on what I have experienced with my daughter. I'm also worried about her values when she becomes older. I'm thinking of transferring her given the chance.

ICAgh is definitely a good

Anonymous188's picture

ICAgh is definitely a good school. However, there are some environmental influences that negate the usual teachings of the school i.e. peer pressure and parent comparison. For a Catholic School, I noticed my daughter dislikes going to mass and prefers to be connected via ym with her classmates even after school and vacation.

Perhaps undue criticism against the school should also be shouldered by the parents as well. Specially in High School, wherein the preference of the teenagers are more with their friends than with their family.

Value formation starts at home. So, if you have outstanding moral values, there is little to fear of them going astray (rarely). As the old adage goes- "monkey see, monkey do!"

which is more better ICA or

star's picture

which is more better ICA or ASSUMPTION?

My daughter is in 2nd year

KMB's picture

My daughter is in 2nd year high school and i'm thinking of sending her to another private girls' school. Does ICA accept high school transferees?

Re: Immaculate Conception Academy

Anonymous's picture
I graduated from ICA in the 80's and am proud to say that the foundation I got really helped to prepare me for the "big world" outside of school. Although I was just an average student in ICA, I managed to be on the dean's list most of the time when I was in college. I actually had an easier time in college than all of the years I was in ICA. ICAns are quite sociable as in friendly and adaptable. My daughter is now a second generation ICAN and I am quite happy to say that I appreciate the improvements the school has gone through and my daughter is benefiting from this like adapting the singaporean math and science curriculum and improvement of the school facilities. THe school has already earned the distinction as one of the best exclusive school for girls. In fact, i know of a co-parent who was not a former ICAn, is sending her daughter to ICA now because most of her former classmates in college who topped their class were ICAns. However, there are also things that they could still improve on, the Chinese curriculum for one, could use some upgrading to make it more useful for today's times. I would like to see the day ICAns being good in speaking and writing Mandarin. I am a hands-on mom, no tutor for me, so I can "bravely" say that there are a lot of things I am satisfied than dissatisfied with the school, academically or otherwise.

Re: Immaculate Conception Academy

Anonymous's picture
I'm still a student at ICA now and I can tell you that the school prepares you well for a globally competitive environment, no, i'm not exaggerating. Everyone graduates from this school a success (I can swear you this). It's known that most of us enter the top universities in the country (the big 3) and abroad. We're molded to excel academically, spiritually, and economically. Yes, it's a reserved and strict school, but they do have their reasons. As corny as it sounds, you can't doubt the strength of character we have. What I love best about the school is the people we become. I have to admit, we are lacking in the fields of creative expression and social interaction. We basically have few opportunities to interact during those awkward adolescent years and yes, the form of teaching is traditional, but the people we end up becoming matters the most. We all have creativity, it's up to the individual to harness it. To be blunt: we're not maarte girls, we speak "generally" better Filipino than most other girls schools, we're not racist (whoever came up with this is stupid) but a lot of us are Chinese because we're taught Chinese (duh), we're business-minded and practical, we're "known" to be shy with a self-made big fat brick wall but behind that, we're a sisterhood, we don't bully, we lack bits of school spirit, we're not materialistic but we do have a "common" lifestyle (we're not ma-pera, but we are "blessed" by God with enough), we're competetive. And we have Xavier as our brother school, and their "exposure" makes up for our lacking. Our biggest weakness is creative individual formation, but that could easily be solved by after-school activities and summer classes depending on the parents. A lot of us play instruments, sports, kumon etc. Biggest strength: life skills. (Some parents transfer their children to BSM, ISM or other international schools when they come of age, our foundation is pretty good if you're into that sort of thing)

Re: Immaculate Conception Academy

Anonymous's picture
My daughter is in ICA since Kinder. She is now in Grade 3. The curriculum is very traditional. They still use the old style Chinese Guo Yin, instead of the Pinyin. What I don't like about ICA is the support the students are getting from the school. When my daughter was in Prep. We had to pay to use the school auditorium for our school annual activity (Halloween). Parents already volunteered to organized the event for free. For me, the use of school facilities for its students should be FOC.

Re: Immaculate Conception Academy

AJCC's picture
My three daughters are true blue ICAns. ICA prepared them well for college. They are now all married and successful in their own respective fields. It is the ICA education that made them women of faith and service.

Re: Immaculate Conception Academy

MD in TX's picture
I am a true blue ICA-GH alumna, having gone there from nursery (while it was in Intramuros) to my hs years. While I hated how strict the school was when I was still there, I am very thankful now how much it has taught me and acknowledge the role it played in where I am now. The same goes for all my sisters, who are also successful in their own right. Inspite of my being considered a just slightly above average student in ICA, I got in a very competitive university and med school, and went on to train in the US. I'm now what people would call a superspecialist in a US university hospital that's arguably the best of the best in the world, at par with the best of the best physicians here. I am the only Filipino MD practicing in this huge institution. And I am glad that ICA didn't foster women who were only encouraged in the traditional belief that being a homemaker is what everyone should aspire for. Had I and my partner chosen to have kids and stayed in Manila, we would send them to ICA, no question about it. I'm glad my brother made a wise decision and sent all my nieces there. Some people may consider its strictness as a weakness--you can always teach your child to be creative at home, but the lifelong value of discipline is something that a lot of children really need now.

is that so? my husband is

mclarenandjosbealf_mom's picture

is that so? my husband is encouraging me to enroll our daugther for pre-school at ICAgh. he told me that since last year they have been practicing the singapore method for maths and science. although the fees are a bit exuberant. is it really worth it? anyways, how's the english teaching in icahs? is it at par with poveda? just asking.

Re: Immaculate Conception Academy

Anonymous2's picture
I beg to disagree. I'm pulling out my daughter from ICA for many reasons - outdated curriculum, method of teaching (spoonfeeding talaga, no room for thinking), school policies (stupid CR, exams, etc. policies), weak value formation, very boxed-in style (does not encourage creativity or out-of-the-box ideas), stressful, strong emphasis on grades, closed-minded leaders, unqualified grade school principal (I think she's principal because of her tenure.) Of course, these are my opinions. There are other mothers who are satisfied with the school. I heard that the high school is very good, run by a very very good high school principal.

Re: Immaculate Conception Academy

Anonymous's picture

ICA prepared me well for college. I was able to enter U.P., then went back to ICA to teach, and now I own and operate my own school. If my child were a girl, I would definitely enroll her in ICA.

how is the environment of

a's picture

how is the environment of this school when it comes to moral and family values compared to nearby schools such as Jubilee? Not to offend anyone but is it true that kids here are more materialistic/malandi? I heard from a cousin that there are girls here who wrist-slash...a few got pregnant...demands an LV bag at a young age and things like that. I really want to enroll my daughter here but if the environment will damage her moral values, I rather not.

depends on family school is

Linda's picture

depends on family school is too big, need to watch your kids

While I understand how you

jencct's picture

While I understand how you feel about sending your child to a place where other kids *might* be as you describe, I feel that the family largely plays a role in this. If you allow your child to imbibe "values" (or lack of?) like you mentioned, then perhaps it may damage her moral values.

I have fears like that as well. So I have taken it upon myself (and my husband) to be active in the school where our children are. I want to know who their friends are and how they are like in school (so I work with the adviser and the guidance counselor on this).

If you feel that your child will get a good education from ICA, sayang naman if you don't put her in because of your fears. (Unless you have an equally good school you are happy to send her to ha.)

Good luck to you, a!

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